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Dear fellow Tenipuri Christmas Exchange creator,

First off, I hope you're as excited about this exchange as I am. I'm familiar with Prince of Tennis pretty much exclusively from the musicals and from things I've picked up through osmosis. I'll add more details to this letter later, but in case I forget, here are some general notes that will hopefully at least help you get started.

General Likes/Dislikes
I definitely plot to smut (and please no smut here unless it's a future fic/otherwise aged up). For this exchange, I'd prefer no major character death/unhappy endings. I love angst and hurt/comfort (especially in the context of injuries).

Some of my favorite interpersonal dynamics on this team are: Golden Pair, Oishi and Tezuka (especially while Tezuka is away), Fuji and Tezuka, Inui and Kaidou. Other aspects of characters I find interesting are: Inui and data, Kaidou and training, Tezuka and his injury, Fuji and his insecurities.

My favorite thing about this team is how much of a presence they have and how they can be intimidating even before they say anything.

As with Hyotei, I like that this is a team that knows they're good and expects everyone else to know that as well. I'm interested in the dynamic between Yagyuu and Niou and how they work together despite having such different personalities, and also in the analytical side of Yanagi (I'd love to see more expanding on him and Inui).

I love the martial arts aspect to their tennis. If you wanted to do an AU where they're actual ninja/assassins, I'd be more than happy.


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