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Hello Fellow Creator,

First of all, I hope you're as excited for this event and the upcoming new anime season as I am.

Yowamushi Pedal was my first sports anime/sports anime fandom, so it's always had a special place in my heart. Hopefully this letter gives you a better idea of some of the things I like, but really, so long as you avoid my few strong Do Not Wants, I'll be excited for any new Pedal content.

This is just a placeholder for now so I have something to link to, but I'll have a real letter up here by the end of Thanksgiving weekend.

My favorite characters are Kinjou, Arakita, and Koga. My favorite pairings are Arakita/Kinjou, Kinjou/Makishima, Manami/Toudou, T2, and Kinjou/Koga.

To get it out of the way, the main things I Do Not Want are major character death, unhappy endings, or non-con. For relationships, please no Makishima/Toudou or T2 with anyone other than each other (though a T2 OT3 would be cool if you wanted to go that route).

I love both fluff and angst. For the fluff route, I love domesticity and team bonding. Some possible gen ideas would be Sohoku going on a team trip to Akihabara with Onoda, or the team gathering at Makishima's to watch Tour de France footage. If you want to go the shippy route, I have a huge weakness for characters cooking together and for hair washing/combing/braiding and gentle touch/hugging/cuddling. I also like, shippy or gen, thinking about the third years when they go off to college, especially Kinjou and Arakita at Yonan and Shinkai and Fukutomi at Meisou.

If you'd rather go with angst, one thing I love seeing explored in sports anime is how different characters deal with injuries. Some ideas for that would be how Kinjou and the other Sohoku third-years deal with Kinjou's injuries at the previous Interhigh, or how Arakita deals with an injury in college given his history with the baseball team. My pet headcanon is that Koga and Kinjou's relationship grew out of them both being injured in the Interhigh and their recovery from that, so I'd love if someone wanted to explore that further.

If you want to go the NSFW route, I'm not a huge fan of PWP. I'd much rather see NSFW content used as a way to explore the dynamic between two characters and the trust in their relationship. My tastes in NSFW tend towards kink, so some ideas there would be piercings/bondage/sensation play.
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Dear fellow Tenipuri Christmas Exchange creator,

First off, I hope you're as excited about this exchange as I am. I'm familiar with Prince of Tennis pretty much exclusively from the musicals and from things I've picked up through osmosis. I'll add more details to this letter later, but in case I forget, here are some general notes that will hopefully at least help you get started.

General Likes/Dislikes
I definitely plot to smut (and please no smut here unless it's a future fic/otherwise aged up). For this exchange, I'd prefer no major character death/unhappy endings. I love angst and hurt/comfort (especially in the context of injuries).

Some of my favorite interpersonal dynamics on this team are: Golden Pair, Oishi and Tezuka (especially while Tezuka is away), Fuji and Tezuka, Inui and Kaidou. Other aspects of characters I find interesting are: Inui and data, Kaidou and training, Tezuka and his injury, Fuji and his insecurities.

My favorite thing about this team is how much of a presence they have and how they can be intimidating even before they say anything.

As with Hyotei, I like that this is a team that knows they're good and expects everyone else to know that as well. I'm interested in the dynamic between Yagyuu and Niou and how they work together despite having such different personalities, and also in the analytical side of Yanagi (I'd love to see more expanding on him and Inui).

I love the martial arts aspect to their tennis. If you wanted to do an AU where they're actual ninja/assassins, I'd be more than happy.
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Dear fellow GenEx creator,

I hope you're looking forward to this exchange as much as I am. I'm primarily an anime guy, so that's where most of my fandoms are coming from. Hopefully this letter will give you a sense of the general things I like and don't like as well as some ideas for the individual fandoms.


Things I'd like in this exchange: character development and introspection, angst, characters being put in difficult situations/having to make hard choices, friends as chosen family, trust dynamics, caring for injuries, action.

Things I'd prefer not to have in this exchange: unhappy endings (bittersweet endings are fine), character death, intentional badfic, character bashing, AUs (canon divergence is fine), characters as biologically related (unless they're related in canon)


Black Jack

I've always been interested by the dynamic between Black Jack and Kiriko, and I'd love to see it explored more. They have very different worldviews/moral codes that often put them in direct opposition to one another, but canon (especially OVA/movie canon) also shows that they can and do work together when need be, and they'll put themselves at risk to protect the other. Feel free to pull from any part of canon (including Young Black Jack).


I'm interested in different things for each pairing I requested, so I'll talk a little about each one individually.

Hotsuma and Luka
: I'm interested in their dynamic with each other, especially as it relates to Hotsuma's changing feelings towards Yuki and Luka. Some potential ideas include Hotsuma having to ask Luka for help (especially for something not having to do with Yuki), Hotsuma and Luka needing to work together (either to protect Yuki or for some other reason), and Luka's response in the aftermath of Hotsuma's suicide.

Kuroto & Shuusei: Canon says that Shuusei is something an empath and is good at picking up on what people aren't saying. Kuroto has a lot that he doesn't say, so I'd like to see that dynamic explored more. Both of these characters also fear abandonment, though for different reasons (fear of not being strong enough to protect the people he cares about for Kuroto and fear of being abandoned in favor of another for Shuusei), so I think that could be another interesting angle to take.

Tooko & Tsukumo: There are so many options for domestic fluff with these two.  If you prefer something darker, then there's always hurt/comfort focusing on the aftermath of a time Tsukumo puts himself in danger/is injured.  Or, for a twist, the same situation except with Tooko being the one in harm's way.


I love mission fic, and I love fic that addresses some of the darker parts of the world that canon seems to gloss over (like the repercussions a world where warfare in various forms is constant and child warfare is the norm).  For the pairings with Itachi, I'd love to see fic focusing on his time in ANBU before the Uchiha Massacre.  Please ignore the fact that Neji is dead if you're working with one of his pairings.  For both Neji & Shikamaru & Temari and Shikamaru & Temari, I'm interested in the working relationship between Konoha and Suna and how that's developed/functions now.  I'm also interested in their dynamic as a team given that they are all some of the more level-headed and intelligent of their cohort.  I'm interested in a similar dynamic for Neji & Shikamaru, but with the added dynamic of both of them being called "geniuses," even though that's a label they would not have chosen for themselves.

Yowamushi Pedal

For all of these pairings, I'm interested in their dynamic as teammates and/or rivals and how they push each other and support each other whether it be in cycling or in other things.  For any of the third-year pairings, I'd also be interested to see how things change when they go off to college/overseas/etc. after graduation.

Kuroko no Basuke

Another fandom where I'll go through the pairings individually.

Hyuuga & Kiyoshi & Riko: I'd be happy with any combination of these three.  A couple of areas I think would be interesting to explore would be their dynamic as "team parents" and how they interact with the rest of the team and/or how they dealt with Kiyoshi's knee injury and subsequent rehab/recovery.

Akashi & Midorima: There are so many possibilities for this pairing I'm not sure where to start.  There's the two of them happily playing shogi and hanging out together at the beginning of middle school.  There's Midorima hurt and angsty at the end of middle school/beginning of high school wondering what went wrong and how two fix it.  There's the two of them starting to fix things after the Winter Cup.

Himuro & Kagami: Another pairing with a lot of possibilities.  I'd love to see more of their low-key hanging out post-Winter Cup (like their cooking together from the OVA), or if you want something darker, then the time during the Winter Cup where they both thought their friendship had been irreparably damaged.  If you'd rather go the child route, then some of their adventures while they were growing up in the US.

Prince of Stride

For the two first-year/third-year pairings, I'm primarily interested in the mentoring aspects of their friendships (either in Stride or in something else) and how that changes as the first-years gain more experience and confidence.  For Kyousuke & Heath and Kyousuke & Tomoe, I'm primarily interested in what happened after the incident their second year, the angstier the better.


As with most of the sports anime, I'm interested in these pairings mainly in the context of their dynamics on the team, though that can also extend to their dynamics off of the court.

Kenma & Kuroo: I'd love something more on the domestic/fluffy side for these two whether it's playing video games, doing homework together, or having that moment of perfect connection during a game.

Asahi & Sugawara: I'd love something that explores the interactions between Karasuno's resident worrier and Karasuno's team mom.

Daichi & Sugawara: I'm most interested in the dynamic between these to in the context of their role as the "team parents."


This is very much my guilty pleasure request for this exchange.  I love injury-tending hurt/comfort dynamics, so I'd love to see something where either Izaya is hurt and forced to come to Shinra for treatment, or where Shinra is hurt and Izaya takes over treatment (especially if it's a case of Izaya taking over because Shinra was trying to do it himself).

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Dear fellow Crossovering writer,

I hope you're looking forward to this exchange as much as I am. I'm primarily an anime guy, so that's where most of my fandoms are coming from. Hopefully this letter will give you a sense of the general things I like and don't like as well as some ideas for the individual fandoms.


Things I'd like in this exchange: character development and introspection, action, angst, characters being put in difficult situations/having to make hard choices, trust dynamics, caring for injuries.

Things I'd prefer not to have in this exchange: explicit sexual content, unhappy endings (bittersweet endings are fine), intentional badfic, character bashing, AUs that involve something outside of the requested fandoms (e.g. no zombie apocalypse, etc.)



I'm primarily interested in seeing characters in this canon crossed over into the world of a different canon. My favorite team is probably Nekoma. My favorite characters are Kuroo, Kenma, Suga, Noya, and Kunimi, and my favorite pairings are Kenma/Kuroo and Daichi/Suga. I love the development of the different dynamics on the different teams, and I like thinking about how those dynamics would transfer into teamwork in different settings.

Yowamushi Pedal

This is another fandom where I'm primarily interested in the characters ending up in the setting of a different canon. Like with Haikyuu!!, I'm interested in how the teams work together and seeing that teamwork showing up elsewhere. My favorite characters are Kinjou, Manami, Toudou, Makishima, and Arakita, and my favorite pairings are Makishima/Toudou and Kinjou/Makishima.


I like the idea of characters from one of the other fandoms ending up in this world, or characters from this world being crossed over into one of the non-sports anime settings. My favorite part of Naruto is the missions, and to be perfectly honest, I stopped caring to much about the overarching plot/politics midway through the series. My favorite characters include Itachi, Sai, Neji, Gaara, Temari, Shikamaru, and Ibiki. I really don't care much for Naruto, Sasuke, and early Sakura.


Like with Naruto, I'm interested in either seeing characters from other fandoms in this universe, or in these characters moved to one of the non-sports anime universes. I like the action/battles in Bleach, and I also really like the arcs that focus on loyalty/betrayal and identity. My favorite characters include Byakuya, Ukitake, Hitsugaya, Sui-Feng, Shunsui, Tousen, Shuuhei, and Kira.


My request involving this fandom has the potential to be quite a bit crackier than the other ones. This is a somewhat absurd world, and I'm amused thinking about what would happen if the characters here ended up in the Naruto or Bleach worlds, which do have a level of absurdity in themselves, or if some of the more outrageous Bleach/Naruto characters (Ichigo, Naruto, Rock Lee, Kenpachi/Yachiru, etc.) ended up thrown into the Discworld setting.

Harry Potter

I'm primarily interested in this fandom as a setting for characters from other fandoms to end up in. My favorite houses are Ravenclaw and Slytherin, and I've always been interested in what happens in the classes we don't get to see much of in canon like Arithmancy and Muggle Studies.

Old Kingdom

As with Harry Potter, I'm primarily interested in this as a world for other characters to find themselves in. I really love the magic system in the Old Kingdom, and the darkness and general creepiness that that lends itself to (without crossing into true horror). Since I'm a librarian, I also absolutely love the library in the Clayr's Glacier. My favorite characters are probably Sabriel and Lirael.


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