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Dear fellow Crossovering writer,

I hope you're looking forward to this exchange as much as I am. I'm primarily an anime guy, so that's where most of my fandoms are coming from. Hopefully this letter will give you a sense of the general things I like and don't like as well as some ideas for the individual fandoms.


Things I'd like in this exchange: character development and introspection, action, angst, characters being put in difficult situations/having to make hard choices, trust dynamics, caring for injuries.

Things I'd prefer not to have in this exchange: explicit sexual content, unhappy endings (bittersweet endings are fine), intentional badfic, character bashing, AUs that involve something outside of the requested fandoms (e.g. no zombie apocalypse, etc.)



I'm primarily interested in seeing characters in this canon crossed over into the world of a different canon. My favorite team is probably Nekoma. My favorite characters are Kuroo, Kenma, Suga, Noya, and Kunimi, and my favorite pairings are Kenma/Kuroo and Daichi/Suga. I love the development of the different dynamics on the different teams, and I like thinking about how those dynamics would transfer into teamwork in different settings.

Yowamushi Pedal

This is another fandom where I'm primarily interested in the characters ending up in the setting of a different canon. Like with Haikyuu!!, I'm interested in how the teams work together and seeing that teamwork showing up elsewhere. My favorite characters are Kinjou, Manami, Toudou, Makishima, and Arakita, and my favorite pairings are Makishima/Toudou and Kinjou/Makishima.


I like the idea of characters from one of the other fandoms ending up in this world, or characters from this world being crossed over into one of the non-sports anime settings. My favorite part of Naruto is the missions, and to be perfectly honest, I stopped caring to much about the overarching plot/politics midway through the series. My favorite characters include Itachi, Sai, Neji, Gaara, Temari, Shikamaru, and Ibiki. I really don't care much for Naruto, Sasuke, and early Sakura.


Like with Naruto, I'm interested in either seeing characters from other fandoms in this universe, or in these characters moved to one of the non-sports anime universes. I like the action/battles in Bleach, and I also really like the arcs that focus on loyalty/betrayal and identity. My favorite characters include Byakuya, Ukitake, Hitsugaya, Sui-Feng, Shunsui, Tousen, Shuuhei, and Kira.


My request involving this fandom has the potential to be quite a bit crackier than the other ones. This is a somewhat absurd world, and I'm amused thinking about what would happen if the characters here ended up in the Naruto or Bleach worlds, which do have a level of absurdity in themselves, or if some of the more outrageous Bleach/Naruto characters (Ichigo, Naruto, Rock Lee, Kenpachi/Yachiru, etc.) ended up thrown into the Discworld setting.

Harry Potter

I'm primarily interested in this fandom as a setting for characters from other fandoms to end up in. My favorite houses are Ravenclaw and Slytherin, and I've always been interested in what happens in the classes we don't get to see much of in canon like Arithmancy and Muggle Studies.

Old Kingdom

As with Harry Potter, I'm primarily interested in this as a world for other characters to find themselves in. I really love the magic system in the Old Kingdom, and the darkness and general creepiness that that lends itself to (without crossing into true horror). Since I'm a librarian, I also absolutely love the library in the Clayr's Glacier. My favorite characters are probably Sabriel and Lirael.


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